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The Texarkana Regional Airport has several opportunities for development.

Commercial building

Available Properties

With a footprint of more than 1,000 acres, there are many different development opportunities at TXK.

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Airport Overview

Dive into the workforce, incentives, and opportunities that TXK can provide your business.

Circle map showing the location of Texarkana centrally located between Little Rock, Dallas, and Shreveport

Regional Information

TXK is located within 300 miles of 8 major cities, providing companies the benefit of being logistically connected to the region while taking advantage of the affordable real estate, low operating costs, and great transportation network that runs through Texarkana. 

TXK Airport

Part of the Ark-La-Tex community since 1928, the Texarkana Regional Airport (TXK) is constructing a new 40,000 square-foot passenger terminal to meet the travel demand of the flying public and provide a modern and appealing facility for its passengers.


Several properties are currently available for development of both aeronautical and nonaeronautical businesses. 


Three major interstates, rail lines, and an engaged workforce all connect in Texarkana.


Multiple state, federal, and private programs provide additional value to developing at TXK.

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Financial Incentives

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Customized Training Program

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Infrastructure Assistance

City Hall
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Bringle Lake park in Texarkana