The Texarkana Regional Airport (TXK) offers T-hangar space for general aviation to rent on a monthly basis. T-hangars provide ample room for most general aviation aircraft as well as space for a tool bench and a few cabinets to store aircraft equipment, tools, and other essentials. The T-hangars offer approximately 15-amps of power, have two lights on the ceiling, and have two power receptacles designed for 110V. Larger general aviation aircraft, such as Diamond and Cirrus aircraft, may be accommodated in the T-hangars, but space will be limited and interested individuals should check with TXK first.

How To Rent a T-Hangar

Individuals interested in renting a T-hangar from TXK should first download and complete the Texarkana Regional Airport’s T-Hangar Lease Application and T-Hangar Leasing Guidelines  and submit both completed documents to  [email protected]. From there, you will be put on the wait list and will be contacted regarding next steps.  

NOTE: The required documentation on page 2 of the application is not necessary to be put on the T-hangar wait list, however, it will be required prior to signing a T-hangar lease agreement.

Employees moving a corporate jet into the hangar at Texarkana Regional Airport


There are 36 existing T-hangar units located at TXK. Square footage is approximately 1,000 square feet and can be rented at a cost of $350 per month.