Regional Overview

Straddling the Texas-Arkansas state line, Texarkana is a unique two-state region rich in resources and aligned for your business success. Originally developed around a complex rail system, our community has blossomed into a national crossroads for transportation. Today, Texarkana is home to three converging interstates and offers additional connectivity by rail, water, and air, making it a prime location for business relocation and expansion.  


With its prime location and extensive multimodal infrastructure, Texarkana is well suited to help your business connect to major markets throughout the Midwest and South. 

Centrally located between small, medium, and large-hub airports, as well as near two major airline headquarters:  

  • American Airlines (Fort Worth, TX)  
  • Southwest Airlines (Dallas, TX) 

1.6M+ people living within 100 miles 13M+ people living within 300 miles.


Thanks to our historic ties with the Red River Army Depot, Texarkana boasts a robust labor force of unskilled, semiskilled and skilled workers who are ready to work for you. 


From community colleges to a four-year university to an Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance Technician school, Texarkana offers an abundance of educational opportunities, either aligned or customizable to the needs of your enterprise.