Lost and Found 

Locate a misplaced item.

A family boarding a plane at Texarkana Regional Airport

Airline Gates, Aircraft, & Rental Cars

For questions about lost/damaged baggage or items left on an aircraft, in an airline gate area, or in the rental car facility, please check with your specific  airline or  rental car company

TXK's badging office for all new employees is located office the front entrance of the onsite ARFF adjacent to the new terminal.

Security Screening Checkpoint

For items lost at the security screening checkpoint, please call the Transportation Security Administration at (870) 774-5185.

The new TXK Airport terminal building at sunrise, with beautiful outdoor lighting, tall ceilings, and wood treatments ready to welcome passengers.

General Areas

To file a report for a lost item in the general areas of the airport terminal (excluding airline gates and the rental car facility), please contact the airport police department at (870) 772-5833. Please allow two business days for a response.